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Angry Birds Toons: "Where's My Crown?" episode coming soon

Like we have explained in our previous post, Rovio is preparing the launch of the next Angry Birds Toons episode, following a weekly schedule for each episode.
The next week (on March 24th) Rovio will launch "Where's My Crown?", the next episode of the series. It will be available on Angry Birds app on March 24th, 2013. The image shown above is the format in which are displayed the Angry Birds Toons episodes plus some specials from the Angry Birds series.

The new division of Angry Birds app

For those people that haven't updated the Angry Birds app already, the new upgrading splits the app in two different sections:

  • Angry Birds Toons section: The part of the Angry Birds app dedicated to the Angry Birds specials, videos and the main Angry Birds Toons series. Includes some "Behind the Scenes" videos.

  • Game Section: The main section of the Angry Birds game. Contains all the playable episodes and levels of Angry Birds.
Remember that here we will be posting all episodes from Angry Birds Toons.


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