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Pig Tales, the new easter episode of Angry Birds Friends

The new Angry Birds easter episode is here. Pig Tales is the new episode that was launched only on Angry Birds Friends, the Facebook version of the game.

What's New in Pig Tales?

  • It is a special themed episode, with it having a new block and Power-Up. 
  • The game features magical orbs. If they are destroyed, everything near the orbs is moved in a short time.
  • The Blue Birds are reading a story about when White Bird, Red Bird and Chuck were enjoying the eggs. Suddenly, an orb crashes on the nest, lifting up the birds and the eggs. The eggs then fly away with the two Medium Pigs that dropped the orb. 
  • In this episode you have the possibility to enter to a competition in which you may win some prizes (like plush toys). In the competition, you have to collect as many easter eggs as you can every day. The limit per day is 20, and you have to destroy the egg and pass the level to count those eggs.

First Level



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