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Angry Birds soda beats Coca-Cola in Finland

In Finland, the Angry Birds soda is preferred rather than Coca-Cola.

The Angry Birds phenomenon seems limitless, and out of anger for video games, dozens of merchandising products are sold worldwide with great success, giving Rovio more reasons to celebrate.

But in Finland, land of Rovio -the company that gave birth to the Angry Birds- drink cans of Angry Birds are everywhere, and in the words of Peter Vesterbacka at a conference, the gas is a favorite of Finns, managing to overtake Coca-Cola.
Peter Vesterbacka, Marketing Director in Rovio:
We want to make Angry Birds something so big that it becomes a pop culture icon.
The flavors are traditional, with names like Paradise Tropic or are presented as fruit, though not as sweet. None of this has made successful stops, and Angry Birds sodas shortly will come to Australia and New Zealand.

Rovio has expanded in different directions to Angry Birds, and besides having its first exclusive boutique in Helsinki, already has a theme park in China, with open probability in other world regions.

Credits: Angry Birds Nation/Rovio/News Agencies


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