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Another Birthday episode, summary & gallery (Angry Birds Toons)

The new episode of Angry Birds Toons is here. Another Birthday features the Bad Piggies as the main characters, as with Where's My Crown?.

Summary & Images

The episode begins with the sun rising over Pig City and a piggy waking up to sound the wake up Oink to everyone in the city. Afterwards the Helmet pig opens a door in one of the buildings and releases millions of pigs out into the open. Some of them are still sleepy, but others are brushing their teeth. One of the piggies excitedly jumps around about today because it is his/her birthday. He/she puts on a birthday cap on and starts blowing a birthday whistle to get everyone excited. However, none of the pigs appear to take any notice of it. And for a while the helmet pig doesn't take notice either. But when he notices the piggy with the birthday whistle he comes over to investigate, only to have the whistle blown into his snout and making him angry.

Full Episode


Anonymous at: May 18, 2015 at 1:21 PM said...

where can i find bad piggies evite that we can download or print?

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