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Angry Birds Space review

Hi Angry Birds Fans, today I will tell you the pros and cons of Angry Birds Space, the new game of the Angry Birds saga.

Second Eggsteroid Level (image: Angry Birds Nation)


  • Angry Birds Space gives a refresh to the Angry Birds saga, that it was getting boring and repetitive with their previous releases.
  • The game features new things added to the Angry Birds levels: Gravity atraction on levels, hidden Eggsteroids (similar to Golden Eggs), hidden pigs (or piggies) and a good partnership with NASA.
  • Better performance and some minor graphical fixes.


  • Very easy: In the first episode (Pig Bang) it is notorious that the levels in the episode are very easy and doesn't even make a difficult to complete. The next episodes (obviously) are with a major difficult and the game becomes more interesting.

In conclusion:

Angry Birds Space is a good work from Rovio showing progress and good cooperation with NASA, and giving a little twist to the saga. 

Image Gallery:

Credits: Angry Birds Nation/Angry Birds Space screenshots


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