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The First Angry Birds Theme Park in Finland

The concept of Angry Birds is extended with Angry Birds Land

Hi, Angry Birders. Today I come with the gossip of the Angry Birds new theme park in Finland. The park, officially called Angry Birds Land will be opened in June 2012 and will be inside the Särkänniemi adventure park in the city of Tampere, Finland.

Angry Birds Land opened last week but "some of the birds are still migrating," said the President of Särkänniemi, Miikka Sepälä. The official opening is in June 8. There will be 12 rides and attractions, adventure camp, a tent of Angry Birds, cafes and food stalls in the area. "It's an experience themed art" said Sepälä. The idea is to create a "magical place" where visitors will play with portable devices such as phones and iPads.
He added that it will be the first theme park in the world with attractions that use mobile devices. By using the devices, visitors can earn points.
The Särkänniemi park tickets will cost between 19 and 35 euros (25 to 46 dollars). The park entrance fee also includes entry to the Angry Birds Land.

Photos from Angry Birds Land

References: Angry Birds Nation/News Agencies/Photos courtesy of Särkänniemi park


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