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More about Angry Birds Heikki

Hi visitors today we post our opinion about Angry Birds Heikki, the new web-based game of the Angry Birds series. The game was launched in June 25, 2012, after a one week delay of the Rovio developers.
Unlike the rumors have said, the game keeps the original Angry Birds playing mode and doesn't have anything we haven't seen in previous games. The main feature of the game is the launching of levels according to the Formula 1 racing calendar and having a score table with the top 50 scores and the Heikki Kovalainen's score in the level. Also, the player can unlock new levels and powers with cheats provided in the Heikki Kovalainen's Facebook page.
You can play Angry Birds Heikki for yourself in: http://heikki.angrybirds.com . Meanwhile, check the screenshots we have already from the game:

Credits: Angry Birds Nation/Angry Birds Heikki game


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