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New Space episode available: Red Planet

Two days ago, the new Angry Birds Space update arrived with a new episode planet, the Red Planet. This is a long-awaited update, and very intriguing. The new update was released to celebrate the launching of the Curiosity robot. Yeah, the one that NASA sent to explore Mars (that's why the new episode is called "Red Planet").
The main features of the new episode are:

  • 20 red levels! They include lots of fire, geysers, and more! Beware of the geysers! They affect gravity effects ... There is a third page which makes it 30 levels, but the levels are not ready yet. 
  • 2 space eggs! These are the bonus levels. For now, you can only get the first. You can get the second when the update is complete. 
  • 3 Eggsteroids! Well, not really ... They are gold Curiosity Eggsteroids, the Golden Rovers. They are based on the real, and each has a name: Viking Lander, Sojourner and Opportunity. If you click on the "i" you'll learn more about these. 
  • A new pig, the astronaut pig. Very hard to kill!
The update was available since August 23th in the top mobile plattforms (iOS and Android) and PC. Haven't updated already your AB Space??? We leave the trailer and some screenshots from the game. Leave your comments about the new game and see you later with more surprises!!!

Credits: Angry Birds Nation/Angry Birds Space (Android version)
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