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New Lotus F1 Tournament in Angry Birds Friends (with walkthroughs)

The new tournament will give some real prizes

Hi visitors today I have posted some screenshots (with walkthroughs) about the new tournament in Angry Birds Friends. The new tournament, the Lotus F1 Team Tournament has a car-related levels and the possibility to win real prizes, and the classic structure of the weekly tournaments with the power ups and the top friends scores.
I leave the screenshot gallery and walkthoughs for the 4 levels if you want to get 3 stars in an easy way.

Screenshots About the Lotus F1 Tournament

Walkthroughs to get 3 stars:

Credits: Angry Birds Nation/Angry Birds Friends (Facebook game)


{ José Antonio Bautista Recio } at: September 4, 2012 at 12:46 PM said...

Te propongo una cosa. Yo te dejo los "derechos" de mi blog para que tu puedas traducir los artículos que yo escribo y ponerlos como tú quieras, para así tener a los seguidores de los 2 blogs informados, y viceversa, como ahora.

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