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1st Trivia: Angry Birds and Halloween questions

Visitors today we start a new way to get you involved in Angry Birds Nation: the trivias. We want to have more fun and movement in the site and to make this experience more entertaining and fun for our visitors.

Today we 'll put our first trivia about Angry Birds things and Halloween facts. Follow us on Twitter (@AngryBirdsWiki) and like us on Facebook to get hints for the trivias.

  • Which was the first Halloween-related episode of Angry Birds Seasons (in 2010)?
  • How many Seasons are in Angry Birds Seasons and which are its names?
  • Which bird was launched in AB Seasons episode "Back to School"?
  • Which is the name of the first episode in "Bad Piggies" game?
  • In which country started the Halloween celebration and the culture that started this tradition?
  • Which is the original name of the painting behind the bird slingshot in this image?

  • THE EASY QUESTION: Why the birds in Angry Birds are angry? (sooooo easy)
You have until November 8th to answer correctly all the questions. The first 3 people that answer correctly all the questions will appear (if they want) for a week in the "Winners Zone" in AB Nation.
Take your time and answer correctly all the questions. You have to be registered in comment zone to consider your answers.


{ José Antonio Bautista Recio } at: November 2, 2012 at 2:11 PM said...

1.- Trick or Treat.
2.- 14: Trick or Treat, Seasons' Greedings, Hogs and Kisses; Go Green, Get Lucky; Easter Eggs, Summer Pignic, Moon Festival, Ham'o'ween, Wreck the Halls, Year of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom, Piglantis, Back to School and Haunted Hogs.
3.- The Pink Bird.
4.- Ground Hog Day.
5.- Celtic countries.
6.- The Scream
7.- Because the Bad Piggies stole their eggs.

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