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Angry Birds Star Wars II, arriving to mobile devices on September

The birds return to the stars in a new galactic adventure

The Angry Birds freak does not seem to end. It seemed that we have reached a point where they could not do much more, but, as usual, its creators have returned to exploit the goose that lays the golden eggs, and never better. In this case, it will be with Angry Birds Star Wars II, the sequel of the delivery that uses characters and settings drawn from the galactic saga.

So we can expect the same news as always: more birds based on characters from both trilogies , new levels, and more enemies distributed by all of them. That said, there seems to be nothing too new, other than the ability to play as the Bad Piggies.
Other of the main features of the new game will be the inclusion of new characters of the original Star Wars saga, adapted according to the game thematic.

But probably the major feature of the sequel will be the usage of real toys for unlocking certain characters. They will be called "Telepods" and will be made by Hasbro. This system works with a QR code that will be inserted on the toys and will let users to unlock the toy's character.

The cost of the game will be the same for all systems (iOS, Android): $0.99 USD for standard version and $2.99 for HD version.

Here's the official trailer showing the game:

Credits: Rovio/AB Nation/News Agencies


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