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On Finn Ice, and the Tony debut at Angry Birds Seasons (with walkthroughs)

We are returning to talk about On Finn Ice, the latest episode of Angry Birds Seasons. This episode is the traditional Christmas episode of the game, in the Season 2014 edition, and follows the same advent calendar unlocking of levels (or, if you want it, pay a buck to have all levels unlocked).

Also a new bird makes its debut on the game: Tony, the Terence cousin. He is very similar in appearance to his cousin (yes, the big red bird in the image), but with the difference of being blue colored. Also, Tony has an additional feature: it has an effect to "smash" structures, pigs, and almost anything in the levels that is used, like you can see on the image below:

Tony, the new member of the Angry Birds saga

Walkthrough First Level (On Finn Ice 1-1)

Our tactic to reach the 3 stars in the level is to fire Bomb (the Black Bird) to the zone of the flag and the rocks on the right. You must blow up both stone pairs and destroy almost everything in the right part of the screen (including the pigs and most of the stuff). If it's necessary, you will have to use Terence (the Big Red Bird) to destroy the pig and the stuff of the left side of the screen, firing it to the TNT zone. If you reach at least 84,000 points, you will have the 3 stars.

Walkthrough Second Level (On Finn Ice 1-2)

This level is slightly easier than the first one. You have to fire Tony (the Big Blue Bird) in angle to reach the above part of the house-like structure. You have to use the "smash" effect of Tony at the first column line of the house (you must smash exactly this part to destroy all the pigs of the house and necessary stuff to reach the 3 stars). After that, you have to use Terence to reach the last survival pig on the snow cart (trying to destroy most of the remaining stuff). If you reach at least 82,000 points, you will have the 3 starts.


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