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Level On Finn Ice 1-11 (Seasons) 3-star walkthrough & screenshots

On Finn Ice 1-11

Today we post the walkthrough for Level 1-11 of episode On Finn Ice (Angry Birds Seasons). This level is not very difficult to pass, but getting the 3 stars it is.

The first thing you need to do is to shoot Terence (the Big Red Bird) to the rock platform upside the wizpigs, following the trajectory you are seeing on the image:
Terence's trajectory

If it's done correctly, you must kill all the wizpigs, the helmet pigs on the bikes, and the bunch of pigs on the snowy zone of the level.

After that, you have to fire Bubbles (the Orange Bird) down the cubes (where the Fat Pig is found) and try to kill the pair of pigs of the bottom.
Following this, use Chuck (the Yellow Bird) to kill the Fat Pig firing in a way you shoot the cube supporting the pig. Finally use the Blue Birds to get rid of the last pigs.

You need to have at least 190,000 points to reach the 3 stars (we get 204,190).


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