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Level On Finn Ice 1-25 (Seasons) 3-star walkthrough & screenshots

On Finn Ice 1-25

Today we post the last advent walkthrough for level 1-25 of episode On Finn Ice (Angry Birds Seasons). It isn't a difficult level, despite the fact that is the last level of the episode.

First you must fire Chuck (the Yellow Bird) to the wooden platforms hanging from the rocks, in a way you could kill all the pigs of the platforms. Remember to activate its effect almost immediately after firing it:
 Chuck's trajectory

After that, use the first Bubbles (the Orange Bird) and fire it rightmost (to the zone where the King Pig is) in a way you can kill this pig and remove some items of the zone.

Also, use Tony (the Big Blue Bird) in the same way, removing the stuff from the middle of the level and killing also the pigs of this zone. Avoid to use its "smash" effect.

Finally, use the second Bubbles to destroy the remaining pigs of the level, also using its effect:
Second Bubbles' trajectory

If it's done correctly, you will get 10,000 extra points from the remaining Blue Bird

You need to have at least 155,000 points to reach the 3 stars (we got 155,360 in our best chance). 

Thanks for following all our walkthroughs for levels of episode On Finn Ice, hoping you have had a great guide to get the three stars. Angry Birds Nation wishes you very happy holidays!!!


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