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Level On Finn Ice 1-20 (Seasons) 3-star walkthrough & screenshots

On Finn Ice 1-20

Today we post the walkthrough for level 1-20 of episode On Finn Ice (Angry Birds Seasons). This level is very, very hard even to pass. It take us a lot of time to reach the 3 stars.

The first thing you must do is to fire the first Red Bird towards the lower left corner of the block platform. Make sure to pull down the structure of the front. You may kill some pigs with this action.

After that, fire the second Red Bird towards the structure where the pig with a wrench is found. You have to target the clay-like (or light brown) squares. This action should kill the pig with a wrench:
Second Red's trajectory

Next, you have to fire Terence (the Big Red Bird) and you need to make it fly low in a way it reaches the pig with sunglasses and the two little pigs, also you need to do this to reach and kill the pig underwater. Sometimes it might kill also the pig on the ice platform, but normally you will need the next bird to pass the level, and reach the 3 stars.

If it's necessary, you need to use Tony to kill the last pig (the one on the ice platform). You need to fire them to the water zone and wait the bird hits the ice platform where the pig is found:
Tony's trajectory

You need to have at least 70,000 points to reach the 3 stars (we got 70,450 in our best chance).


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