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Level On Finn Ice 1-22 (Seasons) 3-star walkthrough & screenshots

On Finn Ice 1-22

Today we post the walkthrough for level 1-22 of episode On Finn Ice (Angry Birds Seasons). In this level is easy to get the 3 stars, with some luck of course.

You need to fire the first Bubbles (Orange Bird) directly into the zone of the tower made of wooden squares. You must activate its effect to remove the pigs of the area. Depending on the zone where the bird arrives, and the zone where the effect is activated is the amount of pigs that are going to die. Normally all the pigs of the zone will die, with the exception of the pig on the car.

After that, with the second Bubbles, you have many possibilities. You need to fire it to the depression with snow, trying to detonate the TNT and also trying to reach all the pigs of the area. In some rare occasions you may kill all the pigs of the level through chain reactions:
Second Bubbles' trajectory (first case)

Normally you will need the third Bubbles to kill the pig in the car. If you don't reach the 3 stars at this point, you will need to repeat the level:
Second Bubbles' trajectory (second case)

Depending on your case, you will have 10,000 or 20,000 extra points from the remaining birds.

You need to have at least 130,000 points to reach the 3 stars (we got 141,230 in our best chance).


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