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Level On Finn Ice 1-10 (Seasons) 3-star walkthrough & screenshots

On Finn Ice 1-10

Today we post the walkthrough for level 1-10 of episode On Finn Ice (Angry Birds Seasons). This level is probably among the hardest of the episode, we need a long time to archieve the 3 stars, but we found a good way to reach them.

First, you have to fire Terence (the Big Red Bird) to the ice cubes supporting the wooden rail (where the sleigh and three pigs are). This action has to kill all the pigs after the rock (the five ones). The Big Red Bird has to follow the trajectory showed on the image below:

Terence's trajectory

Second you have to fire the first Red Bird to the big rock mountain upside the level, the bird has to crash and roll down to the part where the last pigs are located, as we show you below:

First Red's trajectory

After that, and with 20,000 extra points from the two remaining pigs, you can get the 3 stars.

You need to have at least 80,000 points to get the 3 stars (we get 82,360 in our best chance).


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